One Week in One Day

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Written by on February 92021

Since starting this project I've been eating well and healthy. I've increased my intake of leafy greens and started making big batches of lentil soups and curries. I've been taking lunch to work with me more often, and only buying take-away once or twice per week. I work in an industrial site out the back of an international airport, so I don't have ready access to healthy options. It's a burger and chips, and not much else out here. This has made me think:

What will the take-away of 2050 look like?

I'm not going to answer that question in this article, that could well be an entire series of articles on its own. Rather, it's a case of a heightened awareness of just how far fast-foods are from the healthy reference diet. Consider this week: on Monday night, I got busy and caught short for dinner. By the time I had a chance to stop and consider what to eat it was already close to 9pm. My fridge was pretty bare, and I didn't want to stay up to midnight making a new batch of anything substantial. So like many others, I went down the road and got myself a Rooster Roll combo. Aside from the fats and sugars and other ingredients that make for an unhealthy meal, I estimate there was about 100 grams of chicken, and about the same if not more in potato. Having had a late night, and having not prepared anything ahead of time I didn't have any leftovers to take to work for lunch. The next day I purchased a Chicken Burger from the local take-away shop. Again, I expect there was about 100 grams of chicken.

Looking back at the Healthy Reference Diet, I see that my average consumption of chicken should be 203 grams per week. I'm still in the range of 0-406 grams per week, however; it is surprising to me just how quickly things can get away from me when I'm running on my default preferences. I’ve already consumed my weekly average allowance of chicken, and it’s only Monday.

Had I planned ahead, I would be in a better position with respect to the Healthy Reference Diet. I would have had a much better dinner, and had enough left for a healthy lunch too. I am realising that my meal preferences are set as much by what’s available as they are by personal tastes. One thing I am realising quickly is that the world of 2050 will be as different to today, as today is to 1990.